Ino Yamanaka 9. Less commonly known as the Twelve Hives (Romaji: Juunihachisu; Kanji: ) and as Horagakure no Sato (Kanji: ; English: Villages Hidden Within the Caves), the Hives of the Kamizuru Clan (Romaji: Kamizuru Ichizoku no Hachisu; Kanji: ) are the member states of a nomadic society of shinobi whom are lead by the Kamizuru Clan. Nagini 3. That is not to say that there exist no powerful clans outsides the confines of Konoha. It was at this point that Oshiishi Kamizuru would set his eyes upon his hometown, Iwagakure no Sato. Kedin Clan. Haku's father murdered his mother and attempted to kill him, it is unknown whether any other members of bloodline sharing these same abilities as Haku are still alive. The Otsutsuki Clan Pioneered The Way Of Chakra, Naruto: Every Major Clan's Weakest Member, Ranked, alliance of clans comprised formidable shinobi all-around, the previous Eight-Tails jinchuriki, Blue B, Naruto: The 10 Known Members Of The Uzumaki Clan, Naruto: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Otsutsuki Clan, REVIEW: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Bane of Blastaar #1 Is a Cinematic Found Family Adventure, REVIEW: Dark Horse Comics' Under Kingdom Is a Monstrously Fun Adventure. Fallen Blades Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. And all of the King/Queen Bees would be lead by either an Emperor Bee (Romaji: Kouteibachi; Kanji: ) or an Empress Bee (Romaji: Joteibachi; Kanji: ). When Suzumebachi sent her giant bee summon after Hinata, the young kunoichi deflected it back at the Kamizuru and knocked them out and prevented Jibachi from getting the bug. Kurotsuchi 4. Jibachi and the others captured Hinata and made a proposal to Shino's team that they could get Hinata back in return for the bikch. For each ability your clan has, you must have very VERY good reasons for them and . There are many misconceptions circling the Uzumaki clan and their heritage within the Naruto fandom. He could create a clone out of wax and also use his bees to attack his enemies with explosions. One paragraph at least. Hives of the Kamizuru Clan is part of Rebirth and follows its guidelines accordingly. The Kamizuru, while disgraced still remain a powerful clan of Iwagakure, loyal to the nation and it's values. The Aburame clan (, Aburame Ichizoku ; ; ; ) is one of the four noble clans of Konohagakure, and are characterised by their use of insects as weapons. In the anime, Ishikawa had a collection of sacred scrolls that contained secret techniques of his bug-tamer arts which at some point of time he hid, even from his own clan. Together, Shodai Tsuchikage and the new Kamizuru clan leader. The Kamizuru used bees in combat, but their descendants decided to cast their heritage aside in favor of Earth, Lava, and Dust Release. Suzumebachi has a great deal of hatred for the Aburame clan stating that they were the catalyst for the downfall of their clan. Each of their citizenry firmly believe themselves to be the sole-surviving adherents to the Will of Stone. Konohamaru Sarutobi 7. The Kamizuru Clan (, Kamizuru Ichizoku) was a clan of bee users from Iwagakure who were once very well-known and revered. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . The Karatachi Family might lack the numbers, but it does not lack the strength. NEXT:Naruto: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Otsutsuki Clan. The ninja of Naruto come from all different backgrounds & clans, often with special techniques. The Aburame clan (Aburame Ichizoku; Literally meaning "Aburame family") is a clan characterized by their use of insects as weapons. The Hozuki Clan is right up in the middle; their "Liquidification" technique could compete with many of the average-level kekkei genkai. Oshiishi would then promise to make Subako's dream a reality in her place, inheriting Subako's Will of Stone as a result of doing so. The Hoshigake Clan is one of the Kirigakures most noteworthy clans. )Hidden Grass Village Explained Suzumebachi and her siblings didn't wear Iwagakure. Write about a recent event witin the last 30 years which has occoured within your clan or involving your clan. Clan Members. In hopes of reclaiming its status as one of Iwagakure's most powerful clans, the Kamizuru Clan would endeavor to improve upon its hiden. They often augment this technique with their skilled swordsmanship. Though there may not be so much as a single historical record to prove it; the Kamizuru Clan is popularly believed to have been the clan of Ishikawa, the First Tsuchikage himself. Their infamy really exploded by the time Yagura Karatachi, the Fourth Mizukage, held the Kage mantle. Kamizuru Unnamed [Unknown] [Available] [Village of residence: Iwagakure], Kamizuru Unnamed [Unknown] [Available] [Village of residence: Kirigakure], Kamizuru Unnamed [Unknown] [Available] [Village of residence: Konohagakure], Kamizuru Unnamed [Unknown] [Available] [Village of residence: Kumogakure], Kamizuru Unnamed [Unknown] [Available] [Village of residence: Sunagakure]. Here are the strongest clans outside of Konohagakure. The Karui clan is a group of shinobi capable of manipulating light. Suzumebachi claims that the First Tsuchikage was a member of the clan. While Oshiishi and Subako made their preparations for their oncoming battle with the missing-nin, small talk would reveal to Oshiishi that Subako was a member of the Kamizuru Clan and that she sought to retrieve Ishikawa's Scroll as a means of bringing about the revival of the Kamizuru Clan. There was a time when the Kamizuru Clan, a clan of beekeepers, claimed the number one spot in the field. Mizaro (Active Leader)where the hell can I find him 2. This family of bee using ninja reside in Iwagakure (Stone Village) and rival the Aburame Clan of Konohagakure (Leaf Village). As a frontrunner in that regard, Konohas alliance of clans comprised formidable shinobi all-around. Whomever is the eldest of his children will be the heir, and then the right to leadership falls to the next eldest and so on. She was well versed in her clan's techniques, such as a technique that summons bees, which burst into sticky honey when killed, and a technique that fires the bees' stingers at opponents. This is seen when she spies on Shino's group during the genin squad's first night she sees Hinata continuing to practice, and mentally admitting it was quite admirable "to come all this way and continue training". Jibachi had long blond hair and black eyes. Their clan had been established many years before the founding of Iwagakure. In an era predating the hidden villages, shinobi clans vied for supremacy by shedding the blood of their rivals. The Kamizuru clan (, Kamizuru Ichizoku) is a clan of bee users from Iwagakure who were once very well known. The arcane art of using insects to fight battles is not only exclusive to Konohas Aburame Clan. They have a war between Aburame Clan and helped the Kamizuru Clan but betrayed them. Hachi no Jutsu is the name of the Kamizuru's hijutsu revolving around bees. The Kamizuru were once again targeted by an assassination attempt, this time by Sunagakure shinobi. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Altogether, the ones who bear those names are world-renowned as the Twelve Divine Generals of the Kamizuru Clan (Romaji: Kamizuru Ichizoku no Juunijinshou; Kanji: ). Suzumebachi's grandfather, the First Tsuchikage, then hid away his forbidden secrets so they couldn't be used against the clan. The Kamizuru clan have followed a very basic way of leadership: whoever was strongest was the leader. It is unknown if the bees will explode when they reach their target. They are fierce rivals of the Aburame Clan. Although describing noki as possessing such a will, he warned how forsaking it would result in a life filled only with excuses and hatred. When Jibachi mocked that she had died, Naruto Uzumaki became enraged and the Nine-Tails within began to show. Even now, there exist various famous shinobi that uphold the Kamizuru Clans surname, though their beekeeping style is slowly dying out. This disordered era was simply known as the Warring-States Era--though there were no actual states involved. Failing in their attempt to kill the head of the Kamizuru clan and the Tsuchikage, another all out war started with the Kamizuru at its lead. Choji Akimichi 6. Even so, she does appear to value hard work and determination. By turning their bodies into liquid, the shinobi of the Hozuki clan can successfully nullify most incoming physical damage. Because of constant wars and economic strife, the people of the Mist country blamed their troubles on the actions of the ninja, directing most of their hate towards those with advanced bloodlines. The Kamizuru Clan ( , Kamizuru Ichizoku) was a clan of bee users from Iwagakure who were once very well-known and revered. RELATED:Naruto: Every Major Clan's Weakest Member, Ranked. He was able to use the Hiding with Camouflage Technique, which makes him highly capable for scouting missions. When Konoha launched a night raid against Iwa and attacked the Kamizuru clan, they ahd sustained heavy damage from the surprise attack. When they came to Hinata's location they saw she was no longer there. The Kamizuru hail from Tsuchi no Kuni and their loyalties lie with Iwagakure no Sato. #kamizuruclan, #aburameclan, #narutoFor today's video i am going to be talking about the kamizuru clan of the hidden stone village and also the rivals of the. Many years after his reign, Ishikawa's family would produce two more Tsuchikage, his grandson noki becoming the Third, and his great-great granddaughter Kurotsuchi becoming the Fourth. They had lost so badly that they lost their status and respect in the village and their numbers began to fall to the few remaining members left. Etymology- "Kamizuru" [] means "flow of tap water." Naming- Clan members are often named after things related to bees, while others are named after different things. How Does Vintage Anime Streaming Service RetroCrush Match Up to Crunchyroll and HIDIVE? The fate of the Kamizuru siblings is unknown. Due to the clans excessive ferociousness, they were driven to near-extinction by Kirigakure, which is pretty ironic. Hiashi Hyuga (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push ( {}); 5. 1. Guren Crystal Release Explained Though theyve existed for millennia, the clan rarely got themselves involved with "lower worlds." Kamizuru clan members also have an innate ability to control bees and wasps using their chakra, which allows them to guide the insects mentally using chakra. She is very driven and will stop at nothing to fulfil her goal of bringing honour to her clan, even kidnapping Hinata and using her as bait for a trap. In fact, Yaguras reign over Kirigakure was like an extension of the ruling of his family. This includes Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu and onwards. Like the Aburame clan, the Kamizuru focused on the utilisation of bugs in their techniques. Similar to the Raikage family, the Kazekage Clan has no known surname and is limited by numbers. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! At the very least, other hidden villages would not be able to compete. This group is dedicated to the Kamizuru Clan from the Naruto Series. Click for full clan biography (Caution - Spoilers). Because of this, its members are characterized by their use of bees as weapons. Suzumebachi was a very strong and knowledgeable kunoichi, which was the reason she became the leader of her small group while searching for the bikch. Its most notable members include A, the Third Raikage, his successor and son, the Fourth Raikage, Killer B (an adopted member), as well as the previous Eight-Tails jinchuriki, Blue B. Kirigakure is often dubbed as the bloodiest of them all. He wore a pair of small glasses and a white zip-up pancho over a long black covering shirt that had two beige-coloured circular markings on each lower arm area. History TwoKage-level shinobi and various other jonin would dominate in just about any hidden village. That said, from what little fans know, they were fully worthy of being dubbed as one of the most powerful clans in the Naruto versein the past. Ishikawa was also known for his love of puns,[1] as a consequence of this, he had a tendency to make reference to stones and their properties while speaking, aptly demonstrated during his advice to noki about discovering his innate strong will. Karui Clan. (( Warning, Kekkei Genkai will be very limited within NinRp, and if you choose to create one, it will be deliberated and scrutinised greatly.)). She wore a yellow sash around her waist and thigh-length stockings that merged into her sandals. Years before the start of the series, they led an attempted invasion by Iwa of Konohagakure, only to be repelled and largely killed by Konoha's more experienced Aburame clan. Years after the Kamizuru clan's fall, Jibachi and his siblings travelled to the breeding grounds of the Bikochu, hoping they could expose the bug to some of their grandfather's belongings and then have it track down his forbidden scrolls. Their biggest and most honorable purpose in life is to serve and protect the King or Queen of the Kamizuru. By his own admission, he was able to discern the value of a stone and a person's will alike by merely looking at them. She was well versed in her clan's techniques, such as a technique that summons bees, which burst into sticky honey when killed, and a technique that fires the bees' stingers at opponents. All three of the Kamizuru were defeated by Hinata Hyga using her recently perfected Protecting Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms technique. Below are branch house members. The Kedin clan (, Kedin Ichizoku) is a small clan, Its members have the ability to copy someone's appearance, so well that it can't be exposed by ninken. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! However rather than attack the clan as a whole, they went straight for the monarch's head. Oshiishi would lead this Second Coming of the Kamizuru Clan into becoming a mercenaries that many of the lesser nations deemed to be more than worthy of hire. #kamizuruclan, #aburameclan, #narutoFor today's video i am going to be talking about the kamizuru clan of the hidden stone village and also the rivals of the hidden leaf's village aburame clan, hope you enjoy the video and would really appreciate it if you became a patreon member to help support the channel.USINESS INQUIRIES: Jacubtwo2@gmail.comCashApp: $Jacubtwo2PayPal: Jacubtwo2@gmail.comSUPPORT ON PATREON: UPLOADS-1. They sought the legendary bikch in the hopes it would help in the revitalisation of their clan. Afterward; Oshiishi would embark on a journey to re-establish the Kamizuru Clan, renaming himself Oshiishi Kamizuru as he did so. The Otsutsuki Clan is one situated outside of the known shinobi world. [2], At the first meeting of the five Kage, Ishikawa, accompanied by M, sat alongside the others, where he noted that he had come in good faith to endorse the meeting of the five Kage, but noted that he would not sign so easily to agreement. There was a time when the Kamizuru Clan, a clan of beekeepers, claimed the number one spot in the field. 15 Shonen Anime With Over-The-Top Fan Service, 10 Anime Characters Who Would Be God-Level Threats In One-Punch Man. In the anime, it was alluded that he used insect-based ninjutsu as part of his fighting style. She and her two brothers, Jibachi and Kurobachi, travelled to a forest to capture the bikch beetle in order to restore her clan's name. But due to their name, this result seems likely. The Shirogumo clan was founded during the reign of Shirogumo and were given prominence alongside the Aburame clan due to their prowess with insect use and due to many of their members joining the special secret ninja force of Iwagakure, mimicking the Anbu of konohagakure. Many of their numbers had dropped that night, and in retaliation the monarch, tried to hold Konoha responsible and soon an all out war started. The Kamizuru were one of the founding clans of the village and its leader had a close friendship with the Shodai Tsuchikage. Naruto Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Each of the Twelve Hives would be lead by either a King Bee (Romaji: Kokuoubachi; Kanji: ) or a Queen Bee (Romaji: Johubachi; Kanji: ). The Kamizuru clan fell from grace due to conflict with the Aburame Clan of Konohagakure in the past. He also had a tendency to squint, or otherwise only opening just one of his eyes when necessary. Like the Aburame clan, the Kamizuru focused on the utilisation of bugs in their techniques. Said name is based on the name of the Heavenly General of Yakushi Buddha that is associated with the zodiac animal that the hive is named after. Kotoshin 4 . The clans last member, Kimimaro, spilled his last breath in the Naruto original. A clan whose rich history is kept locked away behind gates and walls. The era witnessed its last dusk by the time various shinobi clans started forming large-scale alliances, and by extent, forming the hidden villages known today in the Naruto universe. accident on lagrange road in countryside today, nancy moran obituary,

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